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In Honor of Fe Love and Anthony McClain

IArts in Action

Remembering Fe Love & Anthony McClain.


In March a close friend asked me to accompany them to a celebration of life for a longtime friend of many years. I was hesitant at first but then wanted to support so I attended. After the beautiful service I was approached with a proposal to speak at a peace walk that was being curated by different organizations that were in correlation with either Felecia Lenee William, better known as Fe Love in justice for Anthony McClain. Fe Love was a beautiful woman that led with compassion but also unapologetically spoke her truth and used her passions for art, environmental justice, and social injustice to create an eclectic artist playground for the Pasadena community and many other things. She bridged the gap within the community by providing a safe event space for inner city youth in Los Angeles and Pasadena to support artists and innovative entrepreneurs through Compassionate ARTS in Action. On March 3, Fe Love passed away at the young age of 41.

Working as a youth program director and creative strategist for the national project Posts for Peace and Justice she cultivated a program that would not only help and mentor the youth but also promote positive change in art that matters. Fe was supported and recognized by assembly member Chris Holden for her service learning project within Pasadena that focused on the impacts that climate change is having on marginalized and underserved communities by targeting POC but more specifically youth.

The Protest in Harmony Walking for P.E.A.C.E. Tribute to Fe Love and Anthony Mclain was held in March by My Tribe Rise which is an organization created by Heavenly Hughes and her husband. Anthony Mclain was a passenger in a car driving through a neighborhood in Pasadena. The traffic stop wasn’t justified yet they were asked to step out of the car. Anthony was wearing a white t-shirt with jeans, and a belt with an emblem logo in the front alongside sneakers that were loosely tied. When he got out of the car he paused briefly and then immediately started running away from the car towards a residential neighborhood near La Pintoresca Park. He was shot in the back two times by Pasadena Police officer Edwin Dumaguindin as he ran causing him to fumble to the ground. There were people coming out of their homes recording what was happening after hearing the gun shots that showed the next scenes that arised. The police kneeled on his back to apply handcuffs despite the fact he was bleeding, Anthony proceeded to say “I can’t breathe” while struggling on the ground. Unfortunately he later passed away once he was in the hospital at the age of 32 leaving behind his family.

The community came together to not only pay homage to Fe by having purple balloons to highlight her favorite color but continue on the program that she created and allow her legacy to spread in that way. She lived by the philosophy that compassion is love in action. It’s surreal to accept that so many names such as Breonna Taylor, Sandra Bland, and now Anthony Mclain are echoing within our subconscious as their cases have not received justice that they deserved. But as we continue to spread awareness even after the Black Lives Matter movement that arose in 2020 we can develop compassion for the families affected and support each other as a community. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done but it starts with now moving forward the awareness into taking action.

Here is the poem that I wrote and spoke at the event.

In Honor of Fe Love and Anthony Mclain

Anthony Mclain

As our hearts remain heavy that you’re no longer with us

So I wrote it down and made it plain to convey that despite the fact you were taken from us

at the young age of 32

The judge will see it through

I fear that the police brutality will not cease without applying the necessary repercussions

Yet we stand here today having those discussions

They step on our necks, shoot us in our own homes, and harass us for selling cigarettes

The systemic oppression wages a gap within our community by creating disadvantages with how we can operate within society

You had a past that followed you because the roads you took lead to a paper trail that should be overlooked

A traffic stop possibly sparked your ptsd so you ran in fear..

In fear that you would be another name either locked behind bars or another name that we have to say out loud and made clear

They took your life with one gun shot in the back

and we say your name asking where is the morality

We are tired of the police brutality

Structural racism makes it harder for our community to receive just verdicts

Since when did we have to ask for permits to speak our mind

But I can't help but imagine what would have happened if you were alive today to speak about that night

On August 15,2020 we lost another king

Your wings have took flight

As your birthday passes we remember you

I send a prayer to family that they will get through

For you are now apart of the ancestors

And as I speak on the ones who have been called before their time

I pay homage to Fe Love today wearing hints of purple

I say this loud and clear for those that are nonverbal

For she knew that this system is destructive

For she was a part of the protests that took to the streets in Pasadena asking for your case to receive justice.

They kneeled on your back and proceeded to arrest you despite blood oozing out

“I can’t breathe” you exclaimed as they tighten the handcuffs without a doubt

The first gift that we so often take advantage of

George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and now Anthony Mccalin.

We protest in labor of love

We will forever remember your names as we continue to retain the rights that we have

You can continue to support Compassionate Arts with the links I have attached below. Kira Croser is still keeping the vision alive and bridging the gaps for the youth.

Check out and Support Compassionate Arts below!

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